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Malheur River Meats

More About Us

With the highest regard for integrity, we believe in the traditional ways of producing an honest and superior product that tastes great and is healthy for you, our customer. Proper nutrition, efficient management and handling animals with respect, compassion and the least amount of stress while practicing sustainable agriculture practices is the model we feel makes more sense. Our grass fed / pasture raised animals nutritional needs are met by following Mother Nature's seasonal growth cycles. Animals are rotated throughout our ranches to provide balanced nutrition and allow the vegetation to restore itself in between grazing rotations.  


Why We Feel

You Should Buy From Us

We believe the animals must be allowed to express their natural behaviors. This is why our cattle and goats are allowed to graze and range to meet their nutritional needs. This same philosophy is used with our hogs and turkeys. They may not be able to meet all of their nutritional needs off forage alone; however they can still obtain a great deal from rummaging. The turkeys enjoy grazing on pasture and searching for insects. The hogs love to wallow and root along with grazing soft grasses and shoots. All of our animals are born and raised in Eastern Oregon. By purchasing from Malheur River Meats, you are supporting local producers, giving us the ability to support many other local businesses.


Thank you! 

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